Be thankful for the stall.

Sometimes God holds you back temporarily until the road is safe and clear to continue. Be thankful for the stall.

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    1. A decade is a grain of sand in the overall timeframe of existance. The jews wandered the desert for 40 years. Patience😊

  1. You are not alone Steven. We are hitting 11 years right now. God has revealed where He wants us to go, but waiting for Him to swing to door open wide and say GO! Just peeping through the keyhole right now from the other side – waiting in faith.

  2. Faith is all we have—man plans and god laughs– his ways are not ours– i as well am “stalled” over a decade– while i haven’t been able to do much for myself, I have done very much for others– i do question sometimes, but really who am I to question at all—que sera sera can be difficult to accept, but it really is all there is….

  3. My parents are in their 80’s and are in Arizona yet….rest of loved ones are in Minnesota. They were to fly back on April 18th. Wondering what will happen because of Covid-19. Should they fly out sooner….should they try to drive???? Questions we/they have had. This quote seemed like an answer to prayer!!! Thanks….

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