Be kind, be brave, be yourself.

Be kind. Even when you’re really mad. Even when you’re the maddest you’ve ever been. Yell at someone when they’re horrible to you but no low blows. Apologize when you fall short. Pick someone else up when they do. Being kind is not the same as being nice; you don’t always have to be nice, but you should always try to be kind. Be brave. Try things that scare you. Speak up for yourself and your friends. Speak up to your friends when they’re causing you pain. If you try and fail, cry about it, then figure it out and move forward. Love people fearlessly, even after you’ve been hurt. Be earnest. Be present. Give yourself room to grow. Forgive yourself when things go wrong. Remember that tomorrow is a second chance. Be yourself. Be as much of yourself as you want to be, all the time. Be loud, be intense, be ambitious, be defensive, be sad, be angry, be unapologetic about anything you are that isn’t hurting other people — and when other people tell you that you’re hurting them, apologize and be better .
— Amy Poehler

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  1. You write prefect in everything, sometimes I worry,How much more do I keep facing? Its health issues of many, seems like I take to many stands for us all without recognitions over turning bills after bills slowing down even further on Trump but he never leaves me a lone.wts so important about me I ask today? Why does he keep coming my way as much as I ingnore him he continues on. Hes not excepting the fact Im refusing to become just a memory i wish? President Obama is my inspirational presidenta
    And Trump hates this. Ok i gave him 20 plus chances to just be a constituen memberhe keeps sending THREATS and checks everywhere I go.? I have no hate just dislikings after months of THREATS Im not speaking to him no way no how. I forgive but still staying away,I have to move just because he will keep calling my every move. Creeps me out. I am scared but powerful, and what you wrote about is was me before political corruption took over my work. I can’t support a President who attacks people not more. Scared stright Beautiful message above loves pretty you! Ty! Debora Wessel CALLY sends loves 😎educator in C J. & J W.DEBORA 😚

  2. Yes…I am so kind….even to have met a very intelligent person but with a little emotional Quotient…have tried my best to ask his forgiveness for a slight “offense” I made but still he showed his oozing confidence- he still showed his being bitter, hard, harsh and cruel….but still…no regrets having assessed him with the posts and linkages he posts and shared….so great in enhancing one’s knowledge…

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