Appreciating your beautiful heart.

You didn’t make a mistake by loving them. You should never regret loving. You didn’t make a mistake by giving them a chance. That’s a reason of strength, not shame. You didn’t make a mistake by trusting them, believing them or being there for them. Do you know why? You actions reflect you. You would do this for anyone that comes your way. It just happened that those were not appreciative of your pure intentions. You didn’t make a mistake. The mistake was their choice to make by not respecting and appreciating your beautiful heart. – Najwa Zebian

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  1. Faith, hope, love; the greatest of these is love. Love is a mystery that encompasses so many emotions. You think you are being cautious and wow, you realize, you have fallen in love. It wasn’t planned, it just happened! It’s ok to love and be loved.

  2. The problem arises when you realize that you are in love with the wrong man! A liar!!

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