Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

We may love the wrong person, cry for the wrong person. But one thing is sure, mistakes help us find the right person. Go for someone who isn’t only proud to have you, but will also take every risk just to be with you! Never, ever settle. Just be patient and don’t rush things, anything worth having is worth waiting for.

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  1. BS. Not everyone will find someone. Many of us live our lives alone with no family and hardly any friends. Many of us will never have a chance at love. I’m tired of this new age hippie crap. I believed in this for years. It’s all lies. Some people lead unhappy, unfulfilled lives and it’s best to face reality than to listen to this utter nonsense.

    1. Amy, i totally hear what you’re saying. I feel the same way in many respects and I too have a very small circle. I often find myself saying “bullshit” to many of the things I read. However, we have to have hope but yet be realistic too. Maybe we won’t find anyone, maybe we stay alone and maybe we accept our fate but find a way to live with it? I don’t know, just my thoughts? Id be curious to hear more of yours.

  2. Love your work love your health love ur family love your pets . If you do you will be loved many folds in return. The concept of soulmate and true love is overrated

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