Anxiety and depression.

Depression is when you don’t really care about anything. Anxiety is when you care too much about everything. And having both is just like hell.

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  1. I suffer from anxiey and insomnia daily. Every day is a struggle
    No medications have helped me.

    1. I feel like the world is full of hypocrites who are happy, and I’m too réal to be a part of it.

  2. Boy do I understand ! And when you realize you are alone in a foreign country like me in France with no family or friends and dealing with a divorce which took away all your contacts, AND other than work, you can’t get outside, I just want to cry for hours, but I hold it in Because I have no one to cry too.

    1. Sorry to hear this I’m on a anti-depressant I feel like crying but can’t unless it’s really bad.Sometimes you feel better if you cry….I try to think of what I have to be thankful for it’s a struggle each day and I have a good family close to me!

  3. I can relate to Barbara. Likewise, in a foreign country, no family or friends due to divorce. Forced to go back out to full time employment. Don’t know how I get there some days.

    1. I have gotten used by so many that I’ve lost total confidence in myself. Having tried dating apps, men either don’t want to be with me at all after meeting in person, or they just want me sexually, then turn me away, just to add an American to their list. And other than a phone call from my parents when they’re worried, no Phone calls, nothing.
      I’ve been too Nice and too honest for too long. I think women who are cold, lie, and manipulate succeed in life, but I don’t know how to do that.

  4. Barbara…. God is there with you dear.
    And if you see.. God is the only true mate of all of us in real manner.
    So you are not alone.
    Please take care dear.

    1. I escaped from a Jewish sect, which forced God down my throat during my mariage, and I almost died because of that. I’m happy to hear it works for you, but it won’t work for me.

  5. Most days I just go about my daily life in a non-feeling, numb state. I do for others ALL the time and very little for myself. Some days I can’t sleep at all, and others I sleep 12-14 hours. I have no interest in anything. Not my home, myself, or any of the things I used to enjoy. I just feel numb and don’t know what to do about it. Some nights I go to bed hoping that I won’t wake up in the morning. Oh well. My life.

  6. I have no enthusiasm for life or living,subconsciously all the negatives in my life are accentuated tenfold & at times the numbness/emptiness if truly overwhelming. It as if my brain has a 3 amp fuse, with increasing regularity any lucid/positives thoughts ‘trip out’ & I retire to bed,my citadel,my sanctuary where ‘everything’ is deferred til another day. This procrastination to live in the moment results in broken promises,responsibilities & neglect – resulting in more guilt feeling of worthlessness. Most of the time I feel like i’m a de-railed locomotive or a lolly stick in a fast flowing river-helpless & not having any control. Positive emotions elude me, though I did feel feel some true optimism when in group therapy, just to be with other people with similar issues,flawed rationale & perceptions,the empathy & non judgemental ear,advice & friendship was unexpected but greatly appreciated. Sadly, been government sponsored it had a limited budget, without the support of others, relapsed & back at ground zero.

  7. I’ve had depression since 97, since my Mother passed away. I’m 63 years old. I rarely get any phone calls from family and friends cause I don’t feel like doing anything. I read my Bible but not like I should. I just want to take anything to make me sleep. Some days I do not even look out side. I’m on medication Prozac but not working. Doctors don’t care. I’m a retired Nurse. Yes it’s true when you get a certain age no one cares.

  8. I understand every word written here. I particularly identify with Barbara, alone in a foreign country, divorced and just working. So, so difficult to see change. It is brutal as human beings to feel so low for too long.

  9. Dear all,
    Its my request ….plz do not loose ur hope coz it was u who did tremendous works in ur past so why u r feeling ur self worthless. Try to meditate ,real power of ur reside in u only .so just try to recollect ur self ,enjoy ur own company and of course give ur life another meaning coz no one can give u happiness other than u….

  10. I truly relate to Steve, I’ve lost my relationship am losing my kids, and myself. Don’t know what to do anymore, medication doesn’t work.

  11. I am retired from being a teacher for 35 years. I loved my job and being around kids, but now I feel lonely and old. I have to fight to be part of a conversation, and often feel invisible. I need people!

  12. Creativity is the only answer to depression. Bake, draw, knit, paint, write stories, tell stories, take photos, play an instrument, dance, cook, sing, garden,apply makeup, fix hair, fix a car, refinish furniture, arrange furniture or flowers…and do this for someone else! I was alone in a foreign country and I shared homemade muffins with my neighbors again and again and again. It worked. I know that it is very hard to motivate oneself, but eventually there is excitement to share, share and share more.

  13. It’s so sad what we put ourselves through. Hell is definitely negative feelings. A spiral we fall into when we don’t want to care any more. We want the feeling of doom to go away. We fight against these feelings and they seem to get worse.
    There is a battle going on inside you. Your thoughts can be hellish or heavenly. It’s something you practice. Make it a priority on how you want to feel. I was suicidal and acute anxiety for a long time. I finally started practicing on how to change my thinking while I’m in the mist of it all.
    How bad do you want to feel better? Or how much are you going to endure your mind and body fighting against itself?

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