All endings are also beginnings.

This goes out to all of the people who have been broken but have been strong enough to let go. For the people who have hurt so badly that they felt they could never love again, but kept their head up. For the people that wish loneliness wasn’t a part of them, but put up with it anyhow. For the people that are okay with taking up all of the room in the bed, even if sometimes it feels a little empty. For the people who wake up in the morning with no missed calls, but smile anyway. For the people that have wounds still healing. For the people that have so much tied to their past relationship, but break those chains to start fresh. For the people that want to look back so badly, but focus on the road ahead. For the people that pick up the phone so tempted to call, but keep their dignity intact instead. For the people that never wanted to let go, but had to. For the people that still believe in love even after all of the hurt their heart has endured. For all the people that gave up not because they were weak, but because most times it’s better just to let go. You will get your happy ending someday. Hang in there and don’t give up. Because all endings are also beginnings.

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  1. Thank you and I admit I got a,lot of mistakes,mistakes,mistakes…im almost done feb.9 2015′.’

  2. This has so much meaning, I went thru years of child abuse and thought no one could love me because I was damaged. But then took a very aggressive seminar that changed my life. Now I look ahead and hope other people can learn to do the same. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you look. Don’t play the victim and get up. if you don’t…you let those that hurt you to still have control over you. Remember, “resentment is allowing to let someone you despise live rent free in your head”.

  3. I was crying in my bed while write this comment. I have mixed feeling. I know my wound will cure one day, i will just let myself enjoy it. Day by day. Forgive him and forgive myself.

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