Affect your life.

If my absence doesn’t affect your life then my presence has no meaning in it.

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  1. NOT TRUE! The same can be said because YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THAT PERSON’S LIFE!!! Do you even bother to ask, or check in to see how they are doing?

    Somebody, you just might regret being “ABSENT” from that person when they die, or are “GONE” from your life for whatever reason ….. ESPECIALLY if you are being “ABSENT” deliberately just to prove a point! The only thing you are proving is just how CHILDISH that would be, not to mention that you NEVER REALLY CARED IN THE FIRST PLACE and how much YOU ARE HURTING THAT PERSON ….Maybe that person just isn’t telling you how much you are hurting them! Did that ever cross your mind??? I guess not …..

  2. Oooops ….. Meant to say “Someday”, you just might regret being “ABSENT” … Not “Somebody”, you just might regret being “ABSENT”! Sorry … My mind is in a GAZILLION places …. Lately, there has been too many “ATTEMPTS ON MY LIFE” I have been dealing with! Just one example of things going on in MY life!

  3. This post makes me honestly very sad. The absence of the person you love, is painful a lot. And the concern that this person is not feeling good hurts even more. And the fear that this person is not doing well because of my behavior is worse. But the worst is if you can do nothing at all. If you no longer know what is right and what is wrong. I do not want to urge, beleaguer or fear, but I want to show how important this person is to me. I want to create trust and do not know how. Trust is no longer a need for stress and that would be good for both of us. But I do not even know who is who, everything is so anonymous and my head is tired so quickly. When I go to sports, go to visit someone it is not because I want to be absent, but because I need a break to fill up energy … I’m not used to hard headwork like this. If I hurt anybody here with my behavior, then I would like to apologize. This is the mosst important thing I want to say. I do not want to complain. No, I´m so happy to be in love. And if the way is hard to reach this love it does not matter, we will manage this. It’s never my intention to hurt someone, I do not choose my words well enough, because I have never learned that …. so do not put everything on the gold scale … it’s half as bad as it might sound!

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