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Lessons Learned In Life offers you quotes and sayings  about Life, Love, Happiness ,  Positivity and Hope to Motivate and Encourage you towards Positive thinking while coping with life problems and  pursuing your dreams .  To encourage you to keep going. To get you through the day. To remind you to be strong. To celebrate with you. To fight right along with you. And to remind you to be happy & live life!

Our quotations and sayings propels reflection on various life situations to help you make the right decisions for your day to day life. We hope you may find inspiration and encouragement here that will ignite something within you that may change your life in a positive direction.

“All of life’s lessons you have been through is only a preparation for what is about to happen in your life. If the experience brings you joy, much wisdom has prepared you for this journey. If it brings you sorrow, remember lessons will keep striking you at your weakest point because that’s what needs most strengthening.” — Brigitte Nicole

DISCLAIMER:  The images, quotes and  photography posted on this website are for informational and viewing purposes only and they are the property of the copyright holders. No copyright infringement is intended. Lessons Learned In Life strives to offer you unique illustrations, posters and  quotes besides collecting the information from the internet,  books , magazines and various visual media . Lessons Learned In Life does not claim credit and own any of the matter compiled  from them .  We take care to give due credit if the artist is known.  However if you are an author or an artist whose work has featured on our website and has not been credited and you would like us to either change, add or remove the work in question, please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will comply with your request.

I hereby declare that our copyright is attached to all illustrations, poster creations, quotes written by Lessons Learned In Life on this website.

Thank you,

Brigitte Nicole,
Creator/Administrator of Lessons Learned In Life.


  1. Hello, I found on line a poster from Lessons Learned in Life which contains a photo of myself and two friends. I am very curious as to how you obtained this photo. None of us has posted this photo anywhere. The narrative on the poster is “As we go through life, we start to understand that it’s not important to have lots of friends. What truly matters is that we have real friends.” We would really appreciate it if you respond and let us know where you got the photo. Thank you.

    1. Dear Katherine,
      Would it be this poster????
      All my posters are purchases through stock websites. ALL of them! I never take images off the internet for the very purpose of copyright. old friends
      Click on the link to see if that is the poster you are reffering to?????

  2. How about bringing this to libraries to help Middle school kids deal with Mental Health, I am a published poet and retired teache

  3. I commend you for what you do. It is my pleasure and honor to share what I learn from you through the quotes, images, etc. People at some point in their lives need reassurance, validation, gentle reminders, some once in a while, some, more. Thsnk you.

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