About a person

The things I find most beautiful about a person are almost never physical.

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  1. It’s the character , not the physical looks that impresses me first. Good looks are deceiving.

  2. Ashley
    With all my heart I love you and wish for us to be together. You are so talented, beautiful, and such patience. Please if there is any chance let us have it. I see in you from the beginning all the things that I’ve seen since we met. You complete me as I hope I complete you. When I tell you that you are the most beautiful I mean it. But from that morning in the bathroom and I looked at you, told you, it was if you my mind could see completely your defenses, the stripes, the pain, your capacity to love. I feel completely for you that morning. And your outside beauty was there to. It was your heart that I touched in the chair that moved me so I was smitten . We match. Please if there is a chance I swear I will not fail you, leave you and will akways love you. Michael

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