A wonderful path.

“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the most wonderful things that will ever happen to us”
― Nicole Reed,

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  1. I am working on that principle, and moving forward, though people keep reminding me of the lesson I have learned in a painful manner, that is their issue not mine

  2. 2018 has literally been the worst year of my entire life. One bad occurrence after another and this year is still not over yet Ugh 😢

  3. It’s a lesson in my life that makes me strong and keeping me positive with my attitude and belief in life! I’ve learned how to deal with my current situations in life with open mind.I still get occasional problem but I know it’s part of our life,it can never be perfect,but I think I’m handling it nicely.😊Thank you Bridgett for your endless support! God bless!xox

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