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Published on August 22, 2018 in Blog1, Picture Quotes

Sarcastic mind, big heart. What it’s really like to be that woman?

The woman with a sarcastic mind and big heart.

Is that you?


There’s one in every group of friends. Everyone knows someone just like her. She’s both a cliché and entirely her own person, everywhere you find her. The sarcastic woman. The one who’s outrageously funny, always bold, and, deep down, brimming with love for everyone.

Here are nine ways in which the sarcastic, funny, loving woman is different to others.

She’s not afraid of making a fool of herself

Being a charismatic, sarcastic person requires being comfortable in your own skin. Comfortable enough to make a fool of yourself every now and then!


She’s fiercely protective of her friends and loved ones

And if you hurt them in any way, you’ll know all about it. She will go to great lengths to protect those she cares about.

She speaks her mind

And she’s not afraid to do so. If she sees something she doesn’t agree with or that she feels is wrong, she’ll speak up.

She likes making people laugh

In fact, she loves it. It’s something she does well, and it ties her and her friends closer together.


She’s happy being herself

She’s independent, and she’s her own person. She does things her own way, and she’s proud of it.

She doesn’t do things by halves

Anything she does, she does it properly. Whether it’s her job, looking after her dog, or making people laugh, she’s good at it and she knows it.

She’s competitive

And she hates to lose. She’ll do whatever it takes to win, and have a blast doing it.

She puts her mind to things


She sets herself goals, and then works towards them. She always has a new challenge, and she loves to prove to herself that she can do things.

She wants to find someone to be vulnerable with

Deep down, the sarcastic woman wants someone who understands her. Someone that she can really be open with, who she trusts and will listen to her with compassion. She puts up somewhat of a front with her humor and sarcasm, but all of that can be seen through by the right person.

Written by Maverick, Staff Writter,

@Lessons Learned In Life Inc.,


  1. Stephanie Ready August 22, 2018 Reply

    Yep still working on the understanding “incident”, It is my unicorn.. HA!
    Does it truly exist?
    Is it the unobtainable last thing on Earth..
    Beginning to believe so..
    Keep on roaming the earth I’m search of that rainbow colored main, white dream horse.. 🙃😋🤣🌟🌟
    I would like to think it’s just me, maybe I need to change.. Fuck that! I’m good.

  2. LL August 22, 2018 Reply

    I love this….
    This makes me feel
    like it was written
    just for ME!!!

    I totally nail’s my personality,
    from head to toe, ear to ear
    everything in between!!!
    Truly appreciated
    from the bottom of

    Have a fantastic day,
    Do something good
    Smile, laugh, share
    One Love
    Rock on!!!!
    Love this,
    live is too short!
    This just made
    my day better!!!

  3. Vaishnavi October 16, 2018 Reply

    Every person has something deep inside them they just need the right person to recognise it
    A sarcastic women is more stronger as she might be sarcastic out there but being carried away with deeper thoughts and actions is something to think about

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