A true friendship.

A true friendship doesn’t need daily conversation. It does not assume the worst, even when communication is lacking. Strong friendships survive the storms of this life because they believe the best about each other. As long as the friendship lives
in the heart, true friends will never part.

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  1. we have walked many roads together sometimes together and apart but we have never forgotten each other. When times have been toughest for each other that is when we spark up because we both want to be there but cannot. I can get mad with you and think for a little while and end up laughing, you are my friend my sister my go to person. I loved you when we first met in 1977 and I love you more in 2014. One day we will get together again soon, but we will settle with the phone and e-mail for now my dear friend.

    Love and Kisses always,

    Barbara Ann

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