A taste of your own medicine.

Don’t give them a taste of their own medicine. They already know what it tastes like. Give them a taste of your own medicine. If they lied, let your medicine be honesty. If they played with your emotions, let your medicine be maturity. If they broke you, let your medicine heal. If they made you cry, let your medicine make them smile. These remedies of yours may take years to work, but they work. And they last. So be patient. Stay true to yourself. And remember this: it is better for people to value you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be. Who you are lasts a lifetime. Who you pretend to be changes like the change of seasons. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, even if it means removing yourself from lives that you want to be in. You are, no doubt, worthy of being valued for who you are. So be who you are.
– Najwa Zebian

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  1. This is so beautiful and right on target for me. I have really enjoyed the posts on this website. I have been experiencing some of life’s more difficult times. It feels like every time I check my email there is a current ‘Lessons Learned in Life’ waiting for me with a nugget of wisdom or something to lift me up and motivate me. Keep up with the great posts. If you are helping me, I can only imagine that you are helping so many others.

  2. I remember I had a very mean and fiesty cruel rabbit 🐇 named Snowball few years ago. She tore up my another rabbit Marble’s face that left her depressed and injured. I had serious thoughts of giving her away many times until one day I decided to treat her with more love and understanding in hope of her receiving sone love. The day Before she died, she came and licked my feet. I knew something was wrong and thought that she was trying to say goodbye to me, indeed she died tomorrow as I did not know she caught a deadly pneumonia.

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