A real lover can’t be stolen.

If someone really loves you, no matter how many other people they meet, their feelings for you wouldn’t change. A real lover can’t be stolen.

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  1. To call someone stupid is fun. How people sleep well after hurting someone , already wounded again ? Its pleasure maybe.

    Is humanity lost in men now a days, or a word of apology is far away their culture ?

    A real man does never think once to apologise atleast after doing an act of wounding a woman’s self esteem, after all he was born from another woman’s womb whom he calls mother ?

    I was told, If loving you is wrong I dont want to be right……??? The person who felt “disgusting” on the night I was taken (sold out) by another man says he had no feelings for me. Is their soul not the witness to everything ?

    All a woman wants is a man who commits to her, not threatens her being with another woman. And doing this he knows i am hurt and it pleases him ? I am surprised.

    Marry a woman with her dignity if you wish to. Ask her out for committment, when she willingly shows so much support for you. She will be yours. Trust her once.

    But If you fear rejection, get help and not harass the same her for your cowardness and mistakes. What is her fault ? Just that you love her and you are unable to make it with her ?

    A man who does mistakes but honestly talks about it, is more of a man than a coward who tries to prove everytime that he is always right and he is the GOD.

    And before anything, learn to APOLOGISE for the mistakes you do to anyone. Atleast, Be a human first ? So the other atleast dies peacefully. Because it is not known what happens after death, and to carry all this is like…. I need to die in peace. Atleast ?

  2. I doubt the article was referring to a man who actively seeks out to meet “other woman” while in a relationship. Rather, it seems that it was meant to related to socializing with other woman. There is a world of difference there.

  3. People meet new people every day…at work, business meetings, classes at school. How do you (and why would anyone?) hide from humanity? Real love means the people you meet through normal social interactions will not impact the feelings of true love; not people, age, distance, or decline of physical beauty.

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