A lasting relationship.

Relationships last not because they were destined to lastRelationships lastlong because two people made a choice to keep it, fight for it and work for it.

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  1. How true! How many relationships are thwarted by lack of charity one to another, not understanding mutual acceptance of our humanity and human failings.

  2. Relationships take a lot of hard work from both, communicate, honesty and acceptance

  3. There’s three things that make a lifelong relationship.
    1. Trust
    2. Communication
    3. Security ( and this is the most important)
    And what I mean by security is that you have no fear or doubts or insecurities about your love. You trust and communicate with your love. He/she is your best friend and you just know that the love y’all share is strong and resilient. You never question your love. Yes it takes work everyday and every year to figure out life together but there’s one thing that you are absolutely sure of… you 💯 want to do the life thing with your love. I’m very fortunate to have found mine and I promise there will be fights and stubbornness and hard times but the other thing I promise is that I have no doubt in my soul that we will be that forever love. He found my light… ❤️

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