A human connection.

Everyone is so focused on acting savage, busy and heartless these days. Meanwhile, I’m searching for the humans that believe in compassion, love, and human connection.
~ “I AM A HUMAN” @sylvestermcnutt

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  1. So right commenter Naga…I am just so frustrated to have known somebody last week of August 2017…intelligent yet soooo much with ooozing self.confidence, narrow.minded, bitter, negative, hard, harsh…cruel.

    Straightforward as he is but tactless….what a waste human being.

  2. But thanks anyway…the person I am referring to unblocked me in yahoo messenger on my Sept. 2017 bday…without any comments..until now we no longer have civil casual chats…it’s okey…I do not know how he defines friendship anyway…we are strangers according to him (social media is besides virtual)….for me, I prefer to say we were acquaintances…

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