7 things You Don’t Owe Anyone An Explanation For.

7 things You Don’t Owe Anyone An Explanation For: 1 Your level of education. 2 Where you live. 3 Your appearance. 4 Your political views. 5 Your belief in God. 6 Your alone time. 7 Your life and/or relationship choices.

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  1. I am Sorry.
    I love you and i wont be able to take the fact you cheated me. Tried hard these many years, cud not accept.
    I dint love you for ur money or comfort or pleasure, i knew not much abt you.
    I did everything you wanted but dint know it was fun for you.

    However u treated me, i am not able to see you cry, your lies in posts and not so honest attitude kills me.
    Please move on..I want you happy atleast for me.
    I am ok and not any upset with you. Maybe we dont deserve to be together ever. Its Gods wish, maybe not known…a bad spell..a wicked play…
    Please let me handle my problems myself, i m happy with wat i have and nothing goes against Gods wish…

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