3 Things to keep private.

3 things to keep privateLove lifeincome and next move.

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  1. 3 Things to Keep Private. Love life, income & next move.
    Yes, we need to keep these things private. I’m going through a divorce and have told too many people. Should have told only my siblings and few of my closest friends.
    Think we are respected more when we keep these things private. Keep them guessing.

  2. Yes that’s really true, we need to keep the three private. For me the next move is one thing I really do keep from anyone.

  3. this is what I learned from my life and if you want to succeed in your life, you should not tell anyone about anything related to you and many of us when we have secrets or problems related to life we ​​turn to friends to tell them about that but after a few days have passed, we feel the situation is getting worse
    because when we tell people about our problems, we are getting worse then we start to feel sadness more than the first time and
    the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said “Seek help in having your needs met by being discreet, for everyone who is blessed with something is envied.

    So this lesson taught me that I should avoid telling people my problems or my secrets
    When I actually have problems, i talk to Allah [God] who created me prostrate on the floor and ask him to solve my problems because he is the only one able to do it and not humans by telling them my problems
    it will get worse because in despair, the relief comes … 🌷

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