12 Ways Men show their love – Through actions, not words.

12 Ways Men show their love – Through actions, not words.

It’s relatively common knowledge that men tend to express their love and affection in different ways to women. Women are usually more verbally expressive than their male counterparts and are often left somewhat in the lurch and wondering how their male partners really feel due to the lack of expression of their love.

Men tend to be more comfortable and at ease displaying their love through actions and gestures, rather than simply through words. If your boyfriend, fiancée, or husband isn’t telling you his feelings, here are 12 ways he might show you his love.



  • Being physically close to you


Whether its keeping his arm around you, holding your hand, cuddling you or even laying his head in your lap or vice versa, a man who loves you will attempt to stay physically connected with you and in close proximity.



  • He gives you thoughtful gifts


Buying good gifts requires a lot of thought and effort. If your man goes the extra mile to make or buy gifts that really mean something special to you, it’s clear that he has extremely strong feelings of love and wants to show you how much you mean to him.



  • He listens to what you have to say


And I mean really listens. The kind that involves staying quiet and thinking intently about what you’re saying. A man that loves you will tend to give thoughtful, insightful comments and advice regarding what you’ve been saying to him. A sure sign that he’s listening to you is when he remembers little things about you that you’ve mentioned in passing – your favorite movie perhaps, or your favorite place.



  • He asks for your advice


Following on from the last point, a man who loves you will value your advice and feedback. He’ll look to you for life advice and your thoughts on different things. If he loves you, then he’ll respect you, your opinions and your ideas.



  • He chooses to spend time with you


And he doesn’t mind much exactly what it is you guys do – as long as it’s together. He’ll walk your dog with you, keep you company while shopping, chat to you while you wash your hair. It doesn’t matter what it is to him, all that matters is that he gets to do it with you.



  • He’s willing to compromise


Any healthy relationship requires compromise. When a man loves you, he’ll be willing to compromise to make sure you’re both getting a fair deal out of the relationship. Remember that next time he agrees to go visit your parents rather than watch the game or hang out with his friends.



  • He loves to show you off


When he starts to bring you around his friends and family, it shows that he’s serious about you, that he’s proud of you and the relationship you share together. He wants to make you an important part of his life and he wants everyone he loves to see how happy you make him.



  • He stays in touch with you


Someone that loves you won’t have to constantly explain themselves as to why they’re not keeping in touch – if they’re genuinely in love with you, they will stay in touch naturally. They won’t want to be out of touch! If he calls just to see how you are and what you’re up to, it’s a sure indicator that you’re on his mind.



  • He does little things to help


Helping you with everyday tasks and chores is something that a man will only do when he cares about you a great deal. If he’s constantly doing little things to help you out and make your life easier then he loves you. If he wasn’t serious, he wouldn’t be willing to stick around without immediate gain for himself.



  • You rub off on him


We unconsciously mirror those we like. When we love someone, this effect is even more pronounced. Remember that the next time you see him fold his arms after you do, or hear him copy phrases and expressions of yours.  



  • Eye contact during intimate moments


Eye contact is one of the most powerful body language indicators we have. You can communicate a great deal with just a look. When the man in your life holds eye contact during intimate moments you have together, it shows he’s experiencing strong emotions of love and caring. If he wasn’t, it’s highly likely he’d feel extremely uncomfortable sharing eye contact with you for that long.



  • He makes an effort to learn about the things you love


Anyone who truly loves you will want to learn about whatever it is that you love, in order to share the experience with you and grow closer. Whether it’s makeup tutorials or lacrosse, a man that loves you will try and learn more about your interests.

Written by Maverick, Staff writter,

@Lessons Learned In Life Inc.,


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