12 Things That Only Sisters Understand.

12 Things That Only Sisters Understand


Having a sibling is one of the most rewarding and infuriating experiences you can have as a human being. There’s nothing quite like it, nothing with the power to be so awesome and so annoying at the exact same time. If you have a sibling, then the following things will resonate with you, whether they’re memories from far in the past or things that still happen to you today!


  1. Having someone in your life who you can hate intensely one day and then love like no one else the next: there’s nothing quite like the relationship you have with a sibling. You can feel real, genuine anger and dislike for them one day, and then overwhelming love the next, because no matter what, they’ll always be your sibling.
  2. Ganging up on your parents to pressure them into doing something: when you combined your powers of persuasion as kids in order to get your parents to do something, it was always more successful than when you did it on your own. United you stand, divided you fall. If you both whined long and hard enough, you’d have a good shot at getting that pizza delivery you wanted for dinner or that trip to the movies.
  3. Getting into fights over the most trivial things: with a sibling, you can fight over the most senseless stuff. An argument about whose turn it is to ride shotgun or who gets to watch what they want on TV could easily turn into a wrestling match. Before you know it, you’re fighting at the grocery store for no reason other than you’re bored. 
  4. Asking each other what you should get your parents for their birthdays or Christmas: one of the most overlooked aspects of having a sibling is being able to pool your brainpower. Don’t know what your mom for her birthday? No problem. Just ask your sister. She’ll have the answers.
  5. Covering for each other with alibis when one of you is up to no good: any good sibling is their brother or sister’s partner in crime. They might annoy you to no end, but when the stuff hits the fan, you can rely on them to cover for you and get you out of a tight spot.
  6. Embarrassing each other as much as possible: siblings are born just to be annoying to each other, and part of that is embarrassing one another as much as you possibly can. This often extends far into adulthood, too, meaning you’ll always be the same old frenemies that you know and love.
  7. Borrowing each other’s things (with or without their permission): when you have a sibling, what’s theirs is yours, whether or not you get their permission first. They’ll get it back in the end, so no harm no foul, right?
  8. Joining forces to make fun of your parents: teasing your parents is always way more fun when you have a teammate to back you up and bounce things off of.
  9. Going to school together and trying to avoid each other as much as possible: once you’re on the school bus, you have to sit as far from each other as you can, because you know that you’ll end up annoying or embarrassing each other before long.
  10. Going on vacation and either making or breaking it for the whole family: if you and your siblings got  along while you were on vacation, it could be heaven. If you began to annoy each other, however, it could very quickly turn into hell, especially for your parents.
  11. One of you getting early access to a car when the other learns to drive: when you have an older sibling, it means you got to tag along when they started to drive.
  12. Talking to each other about how strange and dysfunctional your family is: no one knows quite how odd your family is like the person who shared the inside view of it with you. You both went through the same things, so you both know how messed up things really are.
        You always have a best friend… one whose been your partner in crime for your whole life. If that’s not the most wonderful, awesome thing, I don’t know what is.


Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©

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