11 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand.


  • 11 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time 

Alone Will Understand


We’re the people who love nothing more than spending time alone. It’s just like they say: “Solitude is bliss.” While other people might be excited by the idea of going out for drinks and dancing the night away, we’d much prefer to be in the comfort, quiet, and safety of our own home, huddled up under a blanket watching Netflix or reading a book. 



  • A rainy day at home is perfection itself – You sit by the window as rain hammers on the glass and the wind twists and turns through the streets outside. You’re warm, dry, and cozy, with a cup of something hot to drink, a cushion to relax on, and a blanket to snuggle up under. Can you think of anything better? No responsibilities, no one to bother you, and nothing to do other than watch the world go by and relax. For those of us who love to spend time alone, this is heaven on earth. 




  • Needing time alone, alone Relationships are all well and good, but the only way you’re going to make it work is if you both enjoy your alone time. Being alone together with just the two of you is great, but we still need time spent truly on our own to feel recharged and content. Interacting with other people is always draining in some way, regardless of who they are. We just can’t hack life if we don’t have a way to get away from it all and be completely alone from time to time. 




  • It’s nothing personal… but I’m going to have to take a rain check – We all know that feeling of having to skip plans because we just can’t hack it; we’re drained, we need time to recover, and our own needs come first. Sorry! Of course, it’s rare that the person we had plans with is someone whom we can just say that to, so we have to come up with an excuse. One of my favorite ones is to just pretend to have a stomach bug. No one ever questions it!




  • A full day on your own recharges your batteries – What do you really need to do to feel recharged and well rested? For some people, it’s talking to people and enjoying extensive social interaction. If you’re like me, however, then what you need is a whole day to yourself with nothing to do, no obligations whatsoever; a completely blank schedule. Whatever happens, happens! You’re in your own company, what more could you ask for?




  • You tend to listen more than you talk – We tend to be on the quieter side, especially when we’re around people that we don’t know too well. We listen far more than we talk, which means people are always telling us what great listeners we are. Something I notice a lot is that when many people are listening, they’re not paying attention to what the other person is saying at all. They’re just waiting for their turn to speak!




  • Observing people’s behaviour – Being more socially withdrawn than a lot of people means that we tend to notice things more than others. We’re insightful, because we spend a lot of time watching, listening, and making mental notes on the things we witness. You can learn a lot about other people because you’re far more able to absorb information about others when you’re not as focused on flooding a conversation with loads of information about yourself.




  • Thinking about the important questions in life – All that time to ourselves means that a lot of the time is spent in quiet contemplation of the world and introspection of ourselves. I’m always wondering about the meaning of life, the reasons why things are the way they are, and how I fit into it all. Even though it’s essentially chasing your own tail, there’s something infinitely rewarding about pondering the universe when you’re sitting quietly alone. 




  • That feeling when someone cancels plans that you were dreading anyway – There’s nothing quite like getting ready to go somewhere and do something with other people, when you want nothing more than to skip it entirely and just be by yourself, then hearing that the plans have been cancelled anyway and you’re off the hook. It feels like you’ve been set free, like when you were a kid and you found out that school was closed. You’re able to breathe the air of freedom and enjoy life on your own once more, at least for now.




  • A vacation alone sounds like heaven – Just imagine it. Eating out alone every night at the places where you want to go. Doing exactly what you want every day, with no responsibility to consider anyone else’s wants or needs. It might sound like hell to some people, but for us, it’s perfect. 




  • Reading a book, watching a movie or show, or listening to music are much more fun than going out – Drinks, bars, clubs, and social gatherings all have their place, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to holding their attention and captivating their interest, then getting lost in something artistic is the real deal.




  • Spending time with your pets – If you’re anything like myself, then you’ve probably found yourself reflecting more than once on how animals can often be far better company than humans. They don’t judge, or talk about themselves, or ask for anything other than your love, company, something to eat, and to cuddle up next to you and sleep. They’re the perfect companions.


Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©

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  1. As I was reading “11Things only people who love spending time alone will understand” I felt it was like someone got inside of me n opened d diary I’ve bn writing within, which no one can ever seen or read. Tis is so much ME. Thanks Maverick. I saw myself in these words. Keep writing.

  2. I loved this reading. I found myself in this reading just exactly who I am. I enjoy my time alone after 4 days 11 hrs each working with many colleagues and assisting lots of people as well. This time alone is more than a necessity, is a profound and meaningful way to relax and recharge my brain to be able to deal with my most important task, being a mother of a 9 y/o boy. I have 4 dogs and they are the best company. Thank you!

    1. Love knowing that there are other “loners” who are just like me! Me, myself and I is the only company I need. Great read!

  3. You know I use to think like that quite often. After being married for 43 years, raising our 3 children, even had a couple grands thrown in to that fir short periods of time. What I would give just not to have to tend to anyone, just to be able to be alone , do my own thing, to go somewhere and totally relax! Just to be able to be me for a minute here and there to craft, or relax , not to have to cook dinner or clean house!
    Be careful for what you wish for.. . . .
    I wished one to many times, my husband passed in his sleep with no indication or warning at the age of 63. Now all I have is ALONE time.

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