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Published on August 8, 2017 in Picture Quotes

Fall in love with someone who loves the way you laugh and would do absolutely anything to hear it. Fall in love with someone who puts their head on your chest just to hear your heart beat. Fall in love with someone who kisses you in public and is proud to show you off to anyone they know. Fall in love with someone who would never ever want to hurt you. Fall in love with someone who falls in love with your flaws and thinks you are perfect just the way you are. Fall in love with someone who thinks that you are the ONE they would love to wake up to each day.


  1. ARLENE G. BANUELOS August 8, 2017 Reply

    So nice poetry..yet is this guy not hard to find? Or is he not that costly?

    • Vivian August 10, 2017 Reply

      They are hard to find.

  2. Ruchi August 8, 2017 Reply

    Loving someone who loves you back truly is the best feeling. But some stories don’t have a happy ending. <3

  3. R.A.S August 8, 2017 Reply

    Glory to God cause he gives me one that i’m so proud, and my heart is safe.

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