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Published on October 29, 2013 in Picture Quotes

A year ago, I would’ve never pictured my life the way it is now.


  1. Anitramj May 6, 2014 Reply

    What a difference a year can make, I only hope my next one is better than my last! Thanks for all your inspiring quotes, sometimes I think you know how I’m feeling on that particular day x

  2. Kim Robinson July 25, 2014 Reply

    Its even BETTER!!!!!! I have a new car, new motorcycle, new life, successful career….and im only 44. Who would have thought divorcing my husband of 20 yrs could bring so much happiness. I have my apt, my dog and MYSELF!! I love ME for a change!

  3. Linda March 6, 2015 Reply

    A year ago I was a widow. Now I am a new bride just 60 years young. I am happier than I have been in a loooong time. I married the man I almost married 41 years ago. Some dreams really do come true if they are meant to.

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